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Communication is all about words—which ones you use and how you use them to persuade, entertain or teach. You want someone who can listen to your needs, analyze your current situation and provide intuitive solutions.

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Creative Solutions

Many companies suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to their documentation needs, and while "the way we've always done it" may indeed be the appropriate solution, we're not afraid to do some exploring first. The way "it's always been" may not be the best, the most efficient, or even the cheapest way to get "it" done.

One-Stop Shop

From interviewing subject matter experts to designing graphics to releasing deliverables, a highly qualified technical writer can do it all. And if they can't do it all, they know someone who can help.

Documenting Reality

There is nothing worse than documentation that is incorrect or doesn't match the final product. Rather than documenting what the product should do based on heresay, we focus on documenting what the product actually does based on first-hand experience with the final product.

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Technical writing services.

With a wealth of experience in a variety of documentation types, the catalog of services seems never ending, and we like it that way. It means that we learn more with every new job we tackle. We like to think there isn't much we can't do, even if we haven't done it before. We're always on the lookout for new, exciting projects and opportunities to add to the offerings. What we have done in the past doesn't limit what we can do tomorrow. Get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your project.

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User Documentation

Writing instructions for users and getting them to apply that knowledge in their real life (and potentially busy office) takes succinct, yet creative wordsmithing and visual formatting to bring the written word to life. Nothing beats providing content right at their fingertips.

Internal Documentation

While user documentation generally serves to educate internal personnel as well, there are times when you need to document internal processes, policies, or procedures so that employees, vendors and resellers all perform the same task the same way. You want the same voice and tone across the entire company.

Design Documentation

Designing software is an intense and intricate undertaking. Communicating with the users, support personnel, quality assurance, developers and upper management takes a special communicator with interpersonal skills. Putting all of those requirements on paper so everyone knows what the software is going to do when the user sits down in front of the computer…well, that takes an exceptional technical writer.

Editing and Formatting

Sometimes you just need someone to review what you've already done or take what you've done and reformat it—convert it to a more professional document. Detail-oriented and efficient project editing and formatting for your peace of mind.


PowerPoint or desktop video presentations add flavor to your meetings and help others better comprehend your message. We can work with you to gather your content or simply work with the content you've already prepared.

Tutorial Videos

Different people process knowledge in different ways. Some people learn best by having a manual open in front of them while they use the software while others learn by watching and doing. Still others learn using a combination of learning styles. Tutorial videos help bridge the gap and provide a taste of both worlds.

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Featured works.

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In my role as the Chief Operating Officer with eWave Health, I hired Kari on a recommendation from a colleague and worked with her for over a year and a half. She is the best technical writer I have ever worked with. Kari creates exactly what you need and needs very little time to understand what that need is. Sometimes you don't even know what you were looking for until she sends it back. It's then that you realize exactly what you wanted. A real professional, Kari is extremely efficient with her time, without any compromises on the quality of the project. She is also great fun to work with. As long as she is available and I have any writing-related projects, I would not even consider someone else.

Yulia Kogan | COO, eWave Health, New York, New York | September 05, 2012

I have known Kari for the past 7 years. In my current role as the Executive Director of a Regional Extension Center, I work with dozens of different vendors in the EMR marketplace. Her skills at documenting Health Information Technologies and knowledge of the products and processes involved is outstanding. She is detailed, articulate and extremely good at what she does. I do not hesitate to say that she is the BEST technical writer that I have worked with, and would not hesitate to recommend her highly. She becomes an asset and an integral part of any team which she is a part of. You would be fortunate to have her as part of your team.

Mark Norris | Executive Director at NEO HealthConnect, Northeast Ohio | August 15, 2012

Kari has worked as a technical writer and so much more at eHealth Made Easy. Her product understanding and ability to simplify a complex process is just the beginning of her talent. She is confident in writing, creating videos, and presentations. She has a "can do" attitude. Willing to take on a new challenge and provide quality manuals and presentations under tight budgets and time frame. I highly recommend Kari Howell.

Steve Shapiro | Vice President of Marketing at eHealth Made EASY, New York, New York | August 15, 2012
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